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When we retired from the Army after serving almost three decades, we knew we wanted to continue to lead active lifestyles.  We love to travel, share the world with our family and be involved in our community.  We had always loved cruising and while stationed around various continents, we enjoyed our time there too, but knew it did not have to be in such austere conditions.  We wanted to help bring that love of adventure, the sights, sounds, and yes, food, to others.  There had to be an easier way to do it besides trial and error.  And this is when we had the idea to have our own travel company.


We've enjoyed our new adventure and been able to help others.  With our children having special needs, we do understand those challenges, and have been able to help the community who thought they could never travel.  What a joy to be able to do that.

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The Bios

Angela Speckner

I am embarking on a new career in my life, after 17 years of working for County Government and planning trips for Upper Management, I have decided to switch gears and become a Travel Agent!!

I love to travel with my new husband, since we have been together a short time, we have gone to the Kentucky Oaks (a smaller venue than the Kentucky Debry) we can get closer to the horse track and meet all kinds of fascinating people (The HATS are so awesome)!  We have also, traveled to Gatlinburg TN, rented a cabin for the weekend, enjoyed the Smokie Mountains and surrounding areas. Traveled to Las Vegas to see the town, while there we took a Hummer ALL Day Tour to see the Hoover Dam, Joshua Tree Forest and the Grand Canyon; while in Las Vegas we also were able to experience a NASCAR Race.  We loved our adventure to South Dakota!  We stayed in a quaint cottage with a lake where we enjoyed the wild life around us. We saw Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Badlands National Park and Custer’s National Park.  We loved the countryside around us with a Jeep Safari tour and a chuck wagon ride for dinner, horseback riding as well as some of the other sites.   


Jeanne Baldi

Getting to know a little about Jeanne Baldi:

Jeanne grew up in Florida, in fact she's a native Floridian. Did you know if you wanted to drive the entire state of Florida it would take over 24 hours? My love of travel began at an early age, I have really driven down A1A from Yulee to Miami and it's truly a beautiful way to experience my home state. But I really got bitten by the travel bug for my 10th birthday on my first cruise to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and The US Virgin Islands, being immersed in the cultures and all the things to do on a cruise and I was hooked. From family vacations to our Nations Capital to trips to New York, travel continues to be my passion. Jeanne and her family have cruised extensively to many of the ports accessible from Florida. We're always looking for our next adventure, be it a weekend trip or ten days in Europe. Making memories to last a lifetime, that is what traveling allows us to create.

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